Haedong Kumdo is an ancient Korean sword art, focusing on enhancing control of your inner self. This art does not require advanced athletic prowess, yet develops balance, coordination, concentration and focus. This is great for adults who experience muscle, joint problems. These skills carry over into your daily life resulting in a more peaceful, confident co-existence with the world. Advanced techniques include bamboo and straw cutting.


Kumdo is truly a beautifully dynamic and powerful sword art that focuses on the fluid movements, patterns and techniques of using the East Asian curved, single-edged sword on a multi-directional plane.

Kumdo class trains with the wooden training sword, bamboo sword, and false-edged metal sword. Memorized sequence patterns, sword drills, body upper/lower and core strength development, cutting techniques, body postures, specialized foot positions and calculated stepping are all combined to create the competent swordsman.

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