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If you are like most parents, you’re looking for help with preventing bullying of your child and, if it’s occurring, stopping it. We looked for answers also — but didn’t find anything useful until we discovered a group called Verbal Defense and Influence with 28 years of expertise behind them (see About Us). We’re now very proud to be certified in their anti-bullying program which is being used all over the world — with great success — to empower children to bully-proof themselves.

Committed to our kids being treated with dignity and respect, The Bully Expert – South Charlotte, NC


We’re dedicated to helping families in the South Charlotte area deal with bullying so we put up this website to provide a local anti-bullying resource.

Here you can:

  •  Sign up for our free 30-day anti-bullying boot camp sent by email (Free Tips)
  • Access programs developed by Verbal Defense & Influence (Programs)
  • Learn about our local efforts to prevent bullying (Local Resources)
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