Our goals as instructors at US-K are:

  •  To provide your child a class that is age appropriate
  • To create a positive learning environment
  • To provide personal attention for each child
  • To develop self-confidence with the “I Can Do It” attitude
  • To teach respect towards parents, teachers and siblings
  • To teach valuable life skills that will help them succeed at school and thrive academically

Martial Arts

Grandmaster Kim and family believe that Martial Arts is a lifestyle, not a sport. Now, his oldest daughter, Master Amy Kim is carrying on his teaching legacy to further inspire and impact people to make a positive change in their lifestyle. US-K Martial Arts is a family operated business which has been passed down for generations. We are passionate in teaching high quality martial arts.

Since 1995, US-K Martial Arts has been providing traditional Korean Martial Arts instruction in the Carolina’s to thousands of children ages 3 and up, teenagers, adults and families. Grandmaster Moon K Kim, founder of the World Hanguk Tang Soo Do Federation has dedicated his teachings to contributing to the creation of a safer and friendlier environment for the community.

Our Mission Statement

To instruct and pass down the Tang Soo Do philosophy to as many children and families as possible. We believe Tang Soo Do instills strong character development skills that will guide children to become successful and responsible members of society. Teach children the importance of Respect by teaching how to show respect to parents, siblings, as well as themselves. To inspire children to become a leader within their community and be a positive role model to their siblings and friends.


  • To make a positive difference in your life
  • Teach high quality martial arts
  • Strive in contributing to a create a safe and peaceful community
  • Encourage our students to do their best in life
  • Empower our students with Character Development Education
  • Provide a learning experience in a safe and friendly environment

Your Benefit

• Physical Well-being
• Self Esteem
• Patience
• Agility
• Coordination
• Respect
• Mental Concentration
• Confidence
• Responsibility
• Balance
• Endurance
• Humility

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