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Get Quality Online Martial Arts Training , No Matter Where Life Takes You

Life is unpredictable, and sometimes it keep you away from our team at USK Martial Arts!

We understand that being stuck at home can make life difficult. It can seem impossible to keep yourself or your child entertained in a healthy way. Our Online Martial Arts Training program means you and your child can continue to fuel their physical activity, even when you can't make it to the school!

"We have been with USK for one and a half years and are thankful we can continue with this new format. USK virtual lessons have allowed our daughter remain active during a time of less activity. Despite the inability to do in person lessons, she can continue to work on her next belt level. The best part s this virtual program is local, so once we are ready for in person sessions, she can continue to build on the relationships she is developing remotely."

-Jessica Snavely, parent of a child in Kids Program.

Our Instructors will check in regularly and host Live video workouts, at-home games, family activities, and so much more! 

Why Choose Online Martial Arts Training?

Sometimes, it's impossible to maintain a consistent schedule or to make it to one of our locations in Ballantyne or Fort Mill for classes. Our team at USK Martial Arts understands that life can be complicated, but that you and your child still deserve high-quality training, personalized classes, and professional guidance.

Our Online Martial Arts Training program gives your whole family the opportunity to take on new activities together, while getting the same accountability and results without having to step through our doors! If your life keeps you inside or has taken you elsewhere, this program is the perfect opportunity for you to get all the benefits of traditional martial arts training without the location or time restrictions.

"Wow! It is definitely a new world out there!

Who would have thought six months ago that we would even be talking about online school for kids, let alone online/virtual martial arts and fitness classes?!

I can say, I certainly never even gave it a thought until Covid-19 came along and disrupted life for everyone! Thankfully, USK was able to offer an online/virtual class option. Yes, I too had questions about how well it would work. My kids and I even did the online fitness classes with USK when this all began. I can honestly say, we loved it. It was fun, engaging, and we still worked up quite a sweat! The online classes have helped keep my son connected with USK and other students, while following all CDC and state restrictions. Being able to continue training during this difficult time has been essential. Any sense of normalcy we can give our kids and ourselves during this time is beneficial for mental and physical wellbeing.

Online/virtual classes have been a blessing. It has allowed continued training, a sense of normalcy, routine, and other faces to see and interact with all while following the rules that go along with the pandemic. Fitness, mental and physical activity, routine/discipline have all been so important throughout this experience. USK has done a phenomenal job keeping students and families engaged and connected through the online/virtual classes they have been doing! I know our family feels very thankful and blessed to be able to continue training with USK's online/virtual classes, as well as the in studio classes we can now attend.

USK has been vigilant in following all safety guidelines to keep us all safe. Of course, we would all love nothing more than to go back to attending classes in person, but some do not feel comfortable with that yet, and that is okay. I also understand, we cannot wait for both locations to be able to open to a regular schedule! In the meantime, please give the online/virtual classes a try. I too was very skeptical, and have been pleasantly surprised and I am very thankful we tried the classes and USK offered the classes in the online/virtual world!

Thank you USK family!!!"

-Shelly White, proud supporter of USK.

Online Martial Arts Training can help your family:
  • Bond in a new way!
  • Enjoy physical fitness in the comfort of your own home
  • Take on new activities together!
  • Stay accountable week after week

Get Started With Online Martial Arts Training at USK Martial Arts!

No matter where life takes you, our Online Martial Arts Training program at USK Martial Arts gives you all the tools you need to thrive. All you have to do is fill out the form below, and we will set you up with all the resources you need! 

Our Online Martial Arts Training Classes Are Located In

  • Ballantyne
  • Fort Mill

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