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Empowering the Communities of Ballantyne and Fort Mill Through Quality Martial Arts Instruction

High quality martial arts training for ALL ages!

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Justin C.

July 09, 2018

My girls and I began taking classes at USK Fort Mill in January of 2017. They came highly recommended and they have not dissapointed. Master Amy and Mister Howie are top notch instructors and more importantly, top notch people. Both of our girls have shown tremendous improvement in their behavior both at home and at school. Take the plunge if you are considering USK... your family will love it!... Read More

Michelle E.

June 28, 2018

We toured & tried 4 studios before we found USK. Our son is on the spectrum and was diagnosed a little later than normal, so he really has to trust his teachers/coaches. From day 1 with USK it has made a world of difference in his behavior & confidence. He makes friends so much easier, and he loves Master Amy, Instructor Howie, & Miss Brianne so much. We are so grateful for all the ins... Read More

Shannon O.

February 01, 2019

I highly recommend USK! My son started here in November. In that short time he has learned so much. When we did the orientation they talked about how it takes a village to raise a child. How USK wants to be a part of that village. As I watch their interaction with not only my son, but the other children at USK, I feel confident they truly meant that statement!... Read More

Carlos S.

May 19, 2018

Great Family Team, highly recommended, my son is very happy to be part of them.... Read More

Ashely H.

June 28, 2018

USK had been a wonderful experience for our son. We have noticed improvement in so many areas including but not limited to his ability to focus, motor skills, balance, and self-esteem. Most importantly we have been so appreciative of the way they focus on the importance of good character and values and the way in which they implement these principles with the kids. It’s something that is dif... Read More

Wayne W.

May 19, 2019

I have been in martial arts for several years, different schools through those years of training. USK Martial Arts sticks out above the rest. Class instruction is not just instructions “do this, do that” The instructors take the time to explain the what and why of each move, form. They’ll even take the extra time for one-on-one. Everyone has his/her personal physical limitations.... Read More

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Learn About the Services USK Martial Arts Offer

Kids Martial Arts near Ballantyne

Confidence & Self-Esteem

Martial arts training instills a powerful sense of confidence. From your very first class with us, you'll feel ready to face and overcome any obstacle.

Kids Martial Arts near Ballantyne

Discipline & Self-Control

The focus and perseverance you learn as you master each new martial arts technique will empower you to succeed in school, at the workplace, and everywhere else in life.

Kids Martial Arts near Ballantyne


The martial arts will empower you to protect yourself and your loved ones, no matter where life takes you. Live fearlessly when you start training today.

Kids Martial Arts near Ballantyne

New Friends & Mentors

Martial arts is about friends and family as much as it is about fitness. Reconnect with your community through martial arts classes today!

USK Martial Arts

About Us

USK Martial Arts is a family owned and operated academy with a long history of expertise. The Kim’s family have been in operation in the Carolina’s since 1995 under the original leadership of Grandmaster Kim; now carried on by Master Amy and Master Charles. Grandmaster Moon K Kim, founder of the World Hanguk Tang Soo Do Federation, has dedicated his teachings to contributing to the creation of a safer and friendlier environment for the community.

Our Martial Arts classes are an excellent way for people to receive the exercise they need while also building strong core values and connecting with a community of new friends and mentors from across Ballantyne and Fort Mill. Starting as young as three years old, we teach how to defend and strike with correct form. But Martial Arts isn't just about learning to fight -- it's about developing a powerful sense of self, instilling positive values, creating unwavering confidence, and establishing a supportive community. There are a wealth of mental and physical benefits that come with Martial Arts classes. 

Our very own Master Amy Kim is the 2020 SC Ms. Strawberry Festival Pageant Queen!

Martial Arts near Ballantyne

Our Mission Statement

To instruct and pass down the Tang Soo Do philosophy to as many children and families as possible. We believe Tang Soo Do instills strong character development skills that will guide children to become successful and responsible members of society. Teach children the importance of Respect by teaching how to show respect to parents, siblings, as well as themselves. To inspire children to become a leader within their community and be a positive role model to their siblings and friends.

We're proud to have nationally-certified instructors, a supportive and passionate community, and a safe training environment where kids and parents alike can enjoy learning Tang Soo Do and other martial arts together! We encourage our students to remain physically fit, maintain self-discipline, and spend the majority of each class on technique -- we want to provide high-quality instruction but also make sure that training is fun!

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Kids Martial Arts near Ballantyne


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