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USK Martial Arts is a family owned and operated academy with a long history of expertise. The Kim’s family have been in operation in the Carolina’s since 1995 under the original leadership of Grandmaster Kim; now carried on by Master Amy and Master Charles.

Martial Arts is not a sport, it’s a lifestyle. The ancient fundamentals of Tang Soo Do forge mental, physical and emotional growth. It allows students to develop confidence, respect, discipline and concentration. There are classes available for all ages starting as young as 3 years old including adults and you don’t need to have any prior experience to take up martial arts.

USK Martial Arts provides instruction in Tang Soo Do, Haedong Kumdo (ancient korean sword art) and Martial Arts is proven to improve your overall health, reduce stress and practice self discipline. Through the teachings of Tang Soo Do fundamentals, everyone can improve their state of life. When you walk in to USK Martial Arts, you will feel the authenticity of the Kim’s family and their team.

USK is currently serving the communities of: South Charlotte, Ballantyne, Fort Mill, Tega Cay, Indianland, Springfield, Marvin and Rock Hill.


Sparring class may take place on various days; bring your gear with you to each class. ALL safety gear is required to participate and is available to students after their 1st belt test. (Tiny Tigers: must be at least white/black belt to spar in TT Sparring)



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All instructors at US-K Martial Arts have been selected for exceptional character, performance, and kindness.


  • Gosh, time sure has flown by, its just amazing. I love how confident Zac has become and how much he has grown in the last year at USK.
    Gary and I just took Zac this morning for his Kindergarten assessment.  The first thing the teacher who assessed him told us when we came back in the room, was how confident Zac was! Gary and I really think that you guys have had such a huge part in why he is so confident in everything he does. So thank you so much!
    Another cute note about this morning is that we discovered that Jaxson will be going to PKES as well! Zac and Jaxson were in line together. The teacher asked, "can I hold your hand?" to each of the boys to walk the boys to the assessment room, they both politely said no, but Jaxson asked, "can I hold his hand?" (Zac's). So off they went together down the hall hand in hand. It was so adorable. Marla, Gary and I were just in awe, so sweet! I'm so thankful for the friendships Zac is forming at his preschool and at USK.. so, again, thank you!

    Andrea Robb
  • My autistic son (Andrew) began training at USK Martial Arts in August 2014. We began this journey with a bit of trepidation because, although, Andrew likes everyone he is typically a loner. As a mother, I was also concerned that he would not be able to "keep up" with instructions. However, we were quickly put at ease. All the instructors (masters) met Andrew where he was and continue to give him the training and tools comparable to his needs. He is not coddled but empowered to be his best. When you walk through the doors of USK you become family. Grandmaster Kim founded and built USK on principles such as discipline, confidence, and respect that he, his children, and everyone involved teach through example. The love they have for their students extends beyond weekly classes. For example, they promote strong (at home) family connection, school pride and success, and community enrichment. I can sum this up with a direct quote from Andrew:

    "My first day at USK dojo I was nervous at first, but I got my confidence. Throughout the bad times in my life USK helped me through all of that. Now thanks to USK, I now can be strong."

    M. Rhodes and Andrew Green
  • Ms. Amy, I wanted to tell you how impressed I was yesterday with the space and the operation. Peter enjoyed himself and the environment was exactly what I expected. The teacher he had was great with the kids (all 2 of them!) yet was strict and consistent.

    I’m really hoping Peter enjoys it enough to sign him up for the real thing! He gets plenty of discipline at home but this would / will be great for him.

    Dan Mummey Clear Springs Development Company, LLC
  • we love how happy and proud Sawyer is every time he walks into and out of US-K. His confidence is so much better than it was when he first started and that is exactly what we were hoping for. I mean seriously - you should have seen him trying to play tee ball last year. It was so sad and he cried every single time we went for practice, no matter what happened, and then at his first game he went up to bat and wouldn't even lift his bat and then barely made it to first base - walking. I think he cried the whole time he was "running" the bases, too. He's just so hard on himself and we don't really even know where that comes from (because I sure wasn't like that as a kid...ahem). The day we left his first and last game, I saw a girl wearing a US-K Tshirt in the parking lot, and didn't really think much of it, and then a few days later I noticed it was just down the street from our house next to the Food Lion and it just HIT ME that maybe that's what Sawyer needed. So I called and spoke with you I think, then you told me all about the program, we went in and met Howie, who was AWESOME with the boys and made me feel like this was definitely the right decision, and now here we are with a happy little 5 year old who is going to start school in the Fall, and I know will be way more confident and secure than he would have been had he not started class at US-K.

    So anyway, just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you who have made his growth possible, and I can't wait to see how much more secure, thoughtful, and self-aware he becomes with this foundation he's gotten at US-K. He loves it so much. He literally woke up on Tuesday this week and with his eyes still closed he said, "Is it Tuesday?" and Pat said yes, and then he said "Oh I have Tang Soo today!" and he smiled but his eyes were still closed. I swear I'm not making that up or exaggerating and I meant to tell you that today and I completely forgot till just now. It was so cute. Anyway, we know he loves it and we love you all and just wanted to say thank you so much for being someone he looks up to and learns from.

    Carolyn McDonough
  • Audrey has also taken to heart many of the lessons in discipline and respect and applied them outside the class as well. We are impressed to hear her speaking with respect to her parents and teachers.

    CLAIRE BINGHAM Parent of Children's program
  • Our son is loving your after school program and we both can see positive changes in his attitude and behavior.

    ANGIE After school program parent
  • "The masters and instructors are the reason we enjoy coming to class so much.  The kids look forward to class every day and have plenty of spare time.  I can see improvement in myself over the months of training and I love the feeling of achievement after each class so I do my best to make the time to attend."

    THE CAIN FAMILY Students of Family Class
  • May God bless you and your family and this wonderful school! I have seen the personal care and love and compassion towards each student from the masters at US-K.  We love this school!

    JULIE KIM Parent of Children's Program
  • US-K has created a wonderful program where students experience the art of Tang Soo Do and the caring of the instructors and masters. As a parent of a student, it is wonderful to see my son grow in martial arts and mature in discipline and respect for others. He has embraced the skills and principles of this martial art like he never did with other sports. As an adult student, I have found that Tang Soo Do is a wonderful art and great exercise. US-K challenges all students to strive for excellence with the principles of respect for your family, your community, and yourself.

    JEFF MIZE Parent of DEMO team, children's program and PIA (Member of Parent Instructor Association)
  • We have been very pleased with our experience at USK Martial arts. Our daughter Joselynn, who is a type 1 diabetic, enjoys the chance to be active without the pressure of competition. She loves that each time she practices; she has the opportunity to reach a new goal. She has become disciplined in practicing her forms and terminology in hopes of reaching her next belt goal. She did not seem like the personality to enjoy structure, but she has thrived in the classes and is the first to yell "yes sir" or "yes ma'am". I was leery at first, but I have been won over. Master Amy has taken special attention to my daughter. Several times she has taken time to personally help achieve goals and encourage my daughter to try her hardest, going as far as to let me video tape a form lesson. We appreciate the extra 5 minutes that she gave us when she saw that we needed help. We have been pleased with all of the instructors, each adding something different to the studio. They are all kind, yet firm and have expectations that have pushed my daughter to try her hardest. We have had the pleasure of having Grand Master Kim teach as well, which I think is wonderful that he takes the time to even teach the white belts. He doesn't act "too good" but seems genuinely invested in the kids starting with good form and a passion for what they are learning and gives reasons behind why things need to be the way that they are. All in all, we are very happy with our experience and look forward to seeing our daughter move up through her belts and meeting all other goals and seeing the structure and discipline flow over into our home.

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