We are excited to see that you have expressed your interest in Martial Arts.
Selecting the school that is right for you is not easy decision

Why US-K MARTIAL ARTS is the Guaranteed Best Choice:

• Clean and safe environment
• Staff with sincere interest/respect
• Knowledgeable Staff
• Fun, positive energy which provides an encouraging atmosphere
• flexible class schedule
• convenient locations
• age appropriate curriculum
• family rates available
• sibling discounts available
• goal oriented
• use of Positive Reinforcement methods to motivate students
• develop lifelong relationships
• improve academic grades
• Most of all, it’s good for your health.

Here’s what a parent has to say:

-Rick Hellman. Chiropractor, father of 3 children. Thanks for teaching my kids. Your family is a real blessing to ours. When we decided to move, finding the right place for Savannah, Lucas, and Jacob to continue their martial arts training was a high priority to us. We are grateful we were led to your family. You guys are awesome! I love how your family and team can demand respect and discipline, while at the same time express joy and have fun with people. That’s authentic and rare in this world.

Why LEARN a Martial Art?

Tang Soo Do and Haedong Kumdo will develop and teach you to have a feeling of security through physical fitness, coordination, poise and grace. Most importantly, these arts will provide peace of mind, self-discipline and self-confidence. Consider the following aspects:


No one was born with a particularly strong body and spirit. It has to be developed. And, like a moving machine, the body needs exercise and lubrication to keep it running smoothly. Martial arts provides such stimulus, the exercise and the discipline for a lifetime of healthy activity. One important side effect is proper weight control. This is one reason why many women are attracted to martial arts. Health and beauty go hand-in-hand.


Included in the practice of Tang Soo Do and Haedong Kumdo is training in meditation. The combination of meditation and physical activity in training has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and improve overall well-being.


Because Tang Soo Do and Haedong Kumdo promote non-violence, patience and restraint in daily affairs must be cultivated. The misuse of these arts would greatly endanger our society. Therefore in seeking something deeper than physical cultivation, we strive for mental discipline and the self-confidence and the peace of mind it brings.


In today’s society everyone seems to depend on the internet when making a selection for the right school. After checking out the website, we recommend that you visit our school in order to see the facility and meet the instructors and staff. The experience you get when you walk-in the school will give you a good indicator of the environment of that particular facility and help you decide which school is the correct match for you.

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